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Roe Valley Integrated Primary Schoo

Active ICT Day In Primary 6

19th Nov 2019

Primary 6 had a blast during Active ICT Day! Throughout the day we completed a range of different ICT activities. We began our day with a fantastic learning session led by Claire and Donna from CyberPal and we are delighted that we are all now CyberPals. After break Miss Holmes introduced us to a brand new programme called ‘Storyboardthat’ which we loved using. It was great getting to make up our own scenes which we were then able to showcase to the rest of the class on the IWB. To end the day we got to become ICT designers and we had the very tricky task of having to design a brand new programme/app for one of our devices. We cannot wait to present our fabulous creations to the rest of the class and of course to see which one is crowned the winner! #gettingactivewithICT