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Enjoying Learning Together... Respecting Each Other

Integrated education can best be described as the bringing together in one school of pupils, staff and governors, in roughly equal numbers, from Protestant, Catholic, other faiths and none. It is about cultivating the individual's self-respect and therefore respect for other people and other cultures. Integrated Education means bringing children up to live as adults in a pluralist society, recognising what they hold in common as well as what separates them, and accepting both.

Roe Valley Integrated Primary School understands that every child has a unique set of qualities and talents. A child-centred approach gives equal value to all children and takes into consideration their needs and abilities when organising the curriculum and determining teaching strategies. Children will be encouraged to value and respect each other's traditions and beliefs.


Roe Valley's Aims

We aim to provide a forward thinking, colourful, child-centred, safe and secure, trusting environment where learning is fun and everyone is equal regardless of background, religion, culture, race, gender and ability. This will enable children to:

  • Access excellence in Education
  • Develop high self-esteem
  • Have the confidence to embrace all new experiences
  • Develop skills to become life long learners 
  • Be independent
  • Be inspired
  • Have respect for all

Roe Valley's Mission

At Roe Valley we believe each child will reach their full potential through experiencing quality in the provision of:

  • A welcoming school where children are at the heart
  • An ethos of respect, fairness and equality
  • Valued children, staff and parents
  • A broad, balanced and challenging curriculum
  • Learning in a variety of ways, catering for all learning styles
  • An environment where we learn from mistakes and everyone is encouraged to enjoy new experiences
  • A strong partnership with parents, school and the community
  • Up to date resources
  • Energetic, ethusiastic and highly motivated staff