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Roe Valley Integrated Primary Schoo

Primary 6 Create Ration Games on Scratch 2.0

20th Nov 2017

As part of our year long partnership with the Nerve Centre, Primary 6 got the fantastic opportunity to spend another full day working with Rachel and Mik from the Nerve Centre to continue to further develop our coding skills. Primary 6 used Scratch 2.0 to link to our WW2 topic and we got make our very own ration game! We really enjoyed getting to use Scratch 2.0 again and we were able to remember lots of things we had learned from the last session and we got to put these into practice. This time it was much trickier and we had to work out so many different codes but it was no problem at all to us ICT Whizz Kids in Primary 6 and we were all able to create our own games. Thank you Rachel and Mik for helping us and we cannot wait to show other classes in Roe Valley our new game :)