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Farm to fork fun for Primary 6

4th Oct 2016

Primary 6 had a great treat on Tuesday 4th October when they got to visit their local Tesco store to take part in the fantastic Farm to fork programme.

The children had fun-

- learning about where their food comes from and seeing just how much fresh, tinned and frozen fruit/vegetables actually costs

- looking at how much sugar is in some of their favourite cereals (they most definitely got a lot of shocks)

- getting chilly in the freezers (we were lucky Phillip didn't lock us in... bbbbbrrrrrr)

- making delicious muesli which the children are so excited to eat for breakfast

- getting a tasting session with some delicious food (some Primary 6 buddies might disagree with this, especially if we say the word... prunes) :)

All the boys and girls had a fabulous morning and we cannot thank the Tesco staff enough!