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Roe Valley Integrated Primary Schoo

Active Numeracy Day 2017 in Primary 2

10th Oct 2017

Primary 2 had so much fun during Active Numeracy Day. We raced against the clock making sets to 10 and beyond using pasta, Weetos and spools. We found it really tricky to thread the Weetos without eating them. :) We also used blocks and tape measures to measure our buddies in the playground. We loved recording our findings on the clipboards. 

We had to make sure our 'Thinking Caps' were on during our Active Numeracy P.E lesson before lunch. We travelled around the playground as different animals and when Mrs Radcliffe called out a number we had to make that set with our buddies. It was so exciting! 


After lunch we made beautiful patterns on our Witches' Hats to link in with our Halloween celebrations coming up soon. We had such a busy day but managed to find some time to snuggle up on our bugs before home time and listen to a lovely story called 'One Ted Falls Out of Bed.'