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Active Literacy Day in Primary 6

17th Jan 2017

Primary 6 had great fun during Active Literacy Day!

“We really enjoyed the tricky task of trying to organise ourselves by the month of our birthday and then in alphabetical order... the hardest part was that Miss Holmes didn't allow us to speak so we had to work well together as part of a team to get in order and we actually achieved it!!"

“We had great fun using our debating skills as part of our persuasive writing topic and trying to persuade Miss Holmes and our other classmates to agree with us on a range of different questions. Boys are better than girls... NO WAYYY!!"

“Getting to choose books and then read them to Primary 3 was great, we loved being their buddies. We also loved getting to hear them read to us.”

“We loved our phonics lesson and getting to cut up all of our spellings for the week and race to put them back together to be able to shout I AM THE BEST SPELLER! We then did the same activity with sentences and got to move around the room trying to piece together each other's sentences in the quickest time to shout I AM THE BEST AT MAKING SENTENCES. We had great fun and who knew Primary 6 could be so competitive!

Who knew Literacy could be so fun!!